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Green School (1871), East Main Street

Structure Demolition Process Success Stories

Green School (1871), 251 East Main Street

In 2009, the historic one-room Green School located at the Green in Middleborough. was threatened with demolition due to a leaky oil tank, a weak foundation and contaminated soil. The Middleborough Historical Commission determined that the building was structurally sound and moved to declare it a Preferably Preserved Structure, demolition of which would be detrimental to the historic and architectural resources of the community. By enacting a demolition delay, the Commission secured a window of time during which a local non-profit organization, the Green School Preservation Group, was formed to fund preservation and document the history of the building which remains an historic asset to the community.

Otis Briggs House (1876), 147 Center Street

Tucked behind a modern storefront which long housed Steve's Sports Den, the Victorian-era Otis Briggs House at 147 Center Street was an overlooked resource when its owner proposed demolition in 2008 so that "downtown Middleboro...[might] rid itself of rundown properties and see some needed new construction." The Commission disagreed with the owner's assessment. Recognizing the unique development potential of the property as well as its historic significance within the community, the Commission delayed demolition for a number of months. The delay period allowed the owner to find a purchaser for the property who restored the dwelling and repurposed it for office space while maintaining the distinctive architectural details of the house once owned by Middleborough's preeminent horse dealer. Not only has the Briggs House contributed to the revitalization of the section of Center Street on which it is located, but the area in front now provides a welcoming venue for small community events.  

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