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Peter Vaughan House (1761),
87 Vaughan Street, Wappanucket

Preservation Restrictions 

The Commission is empowered to both recommend and hold  Preservation Restrictions in order to protect historically, architecturally  or archaeologically significant properties or elements of these properties. 

At present, a number of historic Middleborough properties are protected  through Preservation Restrictions: 

Middleborough Savings Bank Building (9/14/1995, 2/1/1997) 

Middleborough Town Hall (7/7/1998)  

Peter Vaughan House (6/30/2008)  

Muttock-Pauwating Site (3/31/2009)  

Peter Oliver Jr. House (12/23/2015)  

West Side School (2001) 

Plymouth Street School (2002) 

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